BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: The Battle of the Giants

When you are looking for a good B2B eCommerce platform, you will have to consider a few different options. Not every business has the same needs and requirements and not all of the platforms provide the things that you are looking for. However, there are a few B2B eCommerce platforms that can cover most of your needs. Shopify Plus and BigCommerce are two of these platforms and this is the main reason why you can find so many BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus comparisons online.


BigCommerce is a SaaS cloud-based solution for B2B users. It comes with many built-in features designed to help merchants maximize their results. This option allows users to create modern sites with pages that are loading quite fast. In addition, you can choose from dozens of themes that can be modified. All the themes are responsive. The monthly cost of using BigCommerce is lower compared to Shopify Plus at least on average.

What’s interesting is that BigCommerce supports multichannel sales, but it’s difficult to find out how many channels you can access with this platform. Creating discount campaigns is easy when you are using BigCommerce. Additionally, you can expect solid multilingual and multi-currency support on this eCommerce platform. This platform is very strong when it comes to wholesale activities. As expected, it is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant which offers smooth one-page checkout experience. Customizing your website with the help of BigCommerce is very easy.

Shopify Plus

Just like BigCommerce, Shopify Plus represents a cloud-based SaaS fully-hosted eCommerce platform created for B2B users. If we take a close look at the things you can find on this platform, we can freely say that you that there are many things that make Shopify Plus a better option.

For starters, the loading of pages when you use Shopify Plus is up to three times faster compared to BigCommerce. Next, they are providing merchant success manager support for free while you have to pay extra to get one on BigCommerce. There are five times more apps that can help your business on Shopify Plus. We should also mention that the mobile-friendly, responsive themes found on Shopify Plus look much better even the ones that are completely free. This is one of the reasons why more users prefer Shopify Plus over BigCommerce. Finally, this level 1 PCI DSS compliant solution is the market leader when it comes to innovations.

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