BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus: A Few Important Facts

The interest in eCommerce platforms is growing and this is especially true for B2B eCommerce platforms which were used rarely in the past. Experienced B2B owners focused on online sales can confirm that there are many interesting eCommerce platforms for B2B users on the market, but in most cases, they will recommend using BigCommerce or Shopify. So, a BigCommerce vs Shopify Plus comparison seems to be a logical activity for those who are planning on launching an eCommerce website.

We should mention that both of these platforms provide access to mobile-friendly design, smooth user experience, simple and effective dashboard, great support system and a few other things that can make this process enjoyable. Now let’s analyze some of the facts related to these two platforms.


If you have used the basic BigCommerce platform or Shopify, then you should know that the dashboards found in BigCommerce Enterprise and Shopify Plus are not much different. We are talking about a user-friendly solution and this is especially true for Shopify Plus. Modifying themes, creating reports, adding new products, taking care of SEO is very easy when you are doing it from Shopify Plus’ dashboard. In addition, BigCommerce has unique features that you can use in an easy and simple way too.

Payment processing

It makes sense that BigCommerce and Shopify Plus as one of the leaders in this industry have connections with some of the best payment gateways including Authorize.Net, Stripe, and PayPal. We should point out that Shopify Plus has connections with more than 80 payment gateways at the moment and they are planning on increasing this number in the near future. Of course, both options apply fees on the transactions made through your website, but their size depends on the plan you’ve selected and the payment method that was used.

Web design

Finally, we have web design as an important factor that can help people determine the winner in this comparison. It’s good to know that BigCommerce and Shopify Plus provide responsive, mobile-friendly themes. Both options have free themes, but their selection of premium themes is bigger. According to many experts, Shopify Plus has better themes in terms of appearance and functionality. In addition, these themes are slightly cheaper compared to the ones offered by BigCommerce. Another good thing is that all these themes, be it from Shopify Plus or BigCommerce, can be customized.

Themes that are trend:

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